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About Our School

Ridgeview is currently one of five traditional, comprehensive middle schools in Visalia Unified School District and serves students from northern, northwestern , and western sections of Visalia; as well as students from Goshen. Currently, Ridgeview draws most of its students from elementary schools such as: Riverway, Global Learning Charter, Oak Grove, Hurley, Denton, and Goshen. 

Ridgeview Middle School is located on northwest outskirt of town with the closest intersection being Riggin and Akers. The school encompasses athletics fields, a full-sized gym, technology robotics lab, and art studio.  We proudly are wear our school colors of purple, black, white and grey. Our mascot is a Raptor.

Ridgview Middle School Mission   We have a moral responsibility to meet the individual learning needs of every student and provide a nurturing environment that engages students academically and models the culture of respect and collaboration.

Our Core Values

  1. Relationships Matter
  2. We are a Professional Learning Community
  3. Every Student, Every Day